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The world is overflowing with single-use paper and plastic waste. Having extensive experience in coffee shops as a barista, we noticed that we use several hundred/thousands of cups and straws for the drinks we make every day. This is having a detrimental effect on our planet so as a result, we decided to create a reusable, handmade ceramic glass, which on one hand reduces the consumption of single-use items and on the other hand offers beautiful aesthetics to the user!

  • Reusable cup pink desert pastel colour. This beautiful reusable cup is the perfect choice for people who love the reusable philosophy.

**You can choose this reusable cup with white or black colour lid.


We set-up a new ceramics brand, in-line with our philosophy, which as you might know is commitment to utilise less plastic & create less waste on our mother, planet Earth. Our team has been working for numerous years in the coffee, fine drinking and food industry and came to the realisation that it is essential we protect our homestead by stopping plastic waste and use recyclable materials.